Almost Free!


I’m almost free, and it feels great! I am almost free from society. I am almost free from mii friends. I am almost free from mii family. All our lives we were brought up asking other people what they think about us in every aspect of our lives. From Fashion to finances, we always seem to second guess ourselves. As girls when going out with friends we often ask “how does this look?” or “what are you wearing?” but what if we all just stop and do what we wanna do or wear what we wanna wear. Instead of worrying about what other people think of us or what we think about other people, just stay in our own lane and just do us! Well, this is where being almost free comes in. When I wake up I might throw on a heart print shirt, polka dot tights, and combat boots with spikes. Not because I saw somebody else wear that and because I liked the way it looked on them. Because I’m me, I’m different, that’s mii style, and what I like! If you see me out, you might whisper to your friend “what does she have on?” but the only logical answer for that question is ME! I have on me, and I wear me well! We have to answer to someone for everything we do, From our jobs to the government. Why should we have to answer to someone because of our style or what we wear. We shouldn’t care what our friends think about what we have on, or how society feels about natural, permed, or relaxed hair. Who cares! This is mii definition of being almost free. Not caring what others say, being happy with yourself and the place you are in life. But in everything you do there’s always a catch. Your almost free because no matter how free you think you are, you always need a little guidance. Whether it’s your friend telling you that maybe that scarf is too much, or maybe you should try combing your hair. There is also one more thing holding us all back. The past! No matter how free we are, we’re forever tied to the past. We can tell the universe we’re over it or past it a thousand times, but at the end of the day your past doesn’t go away. Now you could let it bother you or you could accept it. Being almost free is about accepting everything about yourself for what it is and being you. No one else, just you. Fashion is a major way to express who you are. I don’t believe fashion is here for us to look in a magazine and steal the next big celebrities’ idea of what they think fashion is. I think fashion is a guide for you to find yourself and your style. I look at the latest fashion and instead of taking that exact idea I say hey, those shorts are cute, but instead of the pink blazer what if I wear it with a fur vest. Now this may not be the way anyone else looks at it, but I believe fashion is what you want it to be. It’s about being free to wear what you feel is right and not what everyone around you feels is right. It’s about challenging the person who thinks stripes and polka dots suck together and making the world evolve just a little more now that one or more person/people see it a way that’s not their own. So let’s be almost free and not listen to what people think and what people try to feed us about ourselves. And while the other people in society are stuck, trying to fight against change, and everyone loving each other and themselves, let’s all be free like the bird larissa on “the carrie diaries” wanted to be. Let’s be almost free doing what we want and love without second guessing ourselves because of what society, friends, or family think.


About chelsieradcliff

im a 20 year old, new to blogging. designing is mii passion. i @Love_miishoes instagram-> love_miishoes facebook-> chelsei Amaris radcliff blogger for !!!
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